Zach Scruggs’ attorney files motion to withdraw

Zach Scruggs’ attorney, Tony Farese, has filed a motion to withdraw as counsel in the Mississippi alleged bribery case.  According to the motion, Zach Scruggs is going in a different direction with his legal representation and has terminated Farese’s services. Here’s a copy of the motion. 

UPDATE: While I’ve got a moment, thought I’d pass along this story by Patsy Brumfield in the Daily Journal about all the attorney switching in the Scruggs case. 

 Two more attorney changes in the fast-moving case of famed litigator Richard "Dickie" Scruggs became public Wednesday.

• Oxford attorney Ken Coghlan, who once defended a Scruggs co-conspirator, asked the court to approve him as an addition to Scruggs’ defense team.

• Ashland attorney Tony Farese, who is new attorney for Booneville trial lawyer Joey Langston, asked the court to allow him to withdraw as legal defense for Scrugg’s attorney son Zach.

Did P.T. Barnum slip into town without my noticing?




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3 Responses to Zach Scruggs’ attorney files motion to withdraw

  1. Mississippian

    “Did P.T. Barnum slip into town without my noticing”—Welcome back, David!

  2. jim

    Did Zach terminate Farese or did Farese resign? See #3 in Farese’s motion to withdraw.

  3. MSlawyer

    Judge Senter has ordered that Dickie and Zach must testify in the McIntosh case.