Your Daily Hurricane Katrina Coverage Update

Hurricane Katrina has spawned some of the most interesting coverage fights in recent years.  Here is a link to a report on testimony in the Leonard v. Nationwide trial that began this week in Mississippi federal court.  (The blog I linked to features hard-to-read white type against a black background, but you’ll be OK).  Big surprise: a meterologist testified that winds hit areas several hours before flooding arrived.  Here is a link to another story from Louisiana about the certification of a class action against the state’s insurance plan of last resort for allegedly failing to begin the claims process within 30 days as required by law.

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  1. Scruggs’ first Katrina insurance trial

    Following an eight-day bench trial, the case is now in the hands of federal judge L. T. Senter Jr. of Gulfport, Miss., who has promised a quick ruling. Although the exclusion of flood damage from homeowners’ policies had been shouted…