Yellowstone Blogging

I’m with my wife and kids in the middle of Yellowstone National Park.  Blogging is somewhat complicated by the fact there appears to be approximately one internet connection in the park.  I heard one of the park employees telling a story this morning about some guy who confronted a grizzly that was feeding on a kill.  Apparently the bear didn’t appreciate it, and drove him off.  Still, he’s apparently in one piece and has quite a story to tell.  


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  1. Scott Jonsson

    I did not follow your quip. Did the ranger drive off the bear or did the bear drive off the ranger ? How close was the bear to your connection ?

  2. I was only half listening to the story because I was trying to blog, but my understanding was some tourist approached a bear, probably to get a better picture, maybe to take issue with his non-vegan diet, who knows. The bear drove the tourist off. There was a suggestion the bear also might have left, if only temporarily. I didn’t have time to read the Yellowstone newspaper to see if this incident had been reported in fuller detail. The only hazards I faced while blogging was trying to keep my connection from numerous people who wanted to steal it.