World Cup Insurance

The World Cup will be the rage for the next month, so this is a good time to return to the subject of World Cup insurance.  I posted about it here and here.  Thanks to a reader in the UK, here is another take from the BBC on the first story that was the subject of my post a month ago.  In what looks like a publicity stunt by either the policyholder or the insurance company, or both, a man has paid £100 plus £5 tax for a potential £1million payout if he is severely traumatized if England unexpectedly fails to advance past the first round of play, except due to injuries. 

I know nothing at all about soccer, however, last night I did read that three good players on the English team are currently injured.  And I have not read the policy, which is something that, as a coverage lawyer, I always need to do before forming a final judgment.  However, based on the  information I currently have, I estimate the chances that this policy will actually pay out as zero point zero.

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