Will Homeowners Stay Put To Videotape Future Hurricane Damage?

I’ve read a lot about the Katrina coverage cases, but this take from a blogger in Florida is a new one to me.  The gist of the argument is that by not forcing insurers to pay for uncovered damage, courts and legislators are putting lives at risk.  Here’s a slice:

Faced with a need to produce specific proof because insurance companies these days can be counted on to treat their customers like the enemy, a lot of people in Florida and Mississippi are likely to stay put in their homes and videotape the storm damage as it happens, rather than figure out afterwards how to find and pay for an expert witness.

I know the animus against insurance companies can run pretty high sometimes, but I’m not sure if documenting a future coverage fight is going to be foremost in the minds of most folks when a flood is coming.

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  1. Cripes, when I was in NOLA in September 2005 (with the Guard) we saw people get out when Rita was churning up – nobody stuck around to pick a fight with their insurance company. But maybe one brush with a killer storm was enough for them…