Where is Jim Hood’s lawsuit?

Back on May 1 when I did this post, I wrote on my electronic calendar to check in a month if anything had been done.  The subject of the post is something you may remember: Mississippi AG Jim Hood announced that he was in the final stages of drafting a new lawsuit where he would sue State Farm for allegedly breaching its agreement to get a class of hurricane victims certified, and then settle the class action.  Well, today is June 8, and I haven’t heard of this lawsuit being filed. Did it get filed and I missed all the stories on it? I thought it was in the "final stages" a month ago, what is Jim Hood doing, billing by the hour?

I ran across this verbiage yesterday that looks like a newspaper editorial about the Hood lawsuit, but it’s difficult to tell from the words what is going on, which is not an attractive quality in a newspaper article. Part of it speaks of a "plan" to renew Hood’s lawsuit against State Farm.  Another part suggests the lawsuit has been filed, otherwise why would one "withdraw" it?  But seeing as I have a word search on my feedreader that combs the Web 24/7 like hungry electronic ants looking for stories about Jim Hood to bring back to the ant hill, I would think it is about as likely that I would miss this news as that I would fail to hear the relentless jackhammering of the street under my office window for the past three months as Portland installs more light rail tracks. 

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