Wednesday Insurance Melange

A couple quick items for you today:

—  As a result of Hurricane Katrina complications over wind vs. water coverage, State Farm will sell neither along the Mississippi coast.  (Homeowners policies traditionally include wind coverage, but flood insurance is available only through a federally backed insurance program).  Here is Ted Frank’s take at PointofLaw.

—  Here is a good example of cognitive dissonance about insurance.  This is a perfectly fine little story that has modest goals — to put a smile on your face, or plant a seed of frivolity in your mind that may later bloom into the equanimity that protects against life’s slings and arrows — but as Melanie Safka might say, Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma.  Look at the readers’ comments underneath the story, and see how some people take it seriously and digress. 

—  I know there is supposed to be an accent aigu on the word "melange," but I hate looking for symbols and trying to import them over to my blogging program. 

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