Wall Street Journal editorial on Hood and Scruggs

I thought this WSJ editorial headlined "Mississippi Hoods", on AG Jim Hood and his "confidential informant" Dickie Scruggs, did a very nice job of capturing the flavor of the Mess in Mississippi.  From the Rigsby sisters’ data dump, to Hood and Scruggs tag-teaming State Farm, to Judge William Acker coming after Scruggs with a battleaxe, to State Farm trying to pin Hood’s hide to the barn wall, it’s been quite a show.

An aside — if you know who the late Jeff MacNelly was, political cartoonist, among his finest work is a classic that satirized some trouble Jimmy Carter had as president when he fired a U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia, the guy’s name was Marston, and Marston fought back, went to the press, made a big stink, created a lot of pain for Carter. So the MacNelly cartoon shows this dog with a collar that says "Marston" — dog has slavering jaws and is about as big as a semi — coming up fast behind a little, beat up 1950s pickup putt-putting down some country road, with Carter looking panicked behind the wheel, and I think it was his Attorney General, Griffin Bell, in the passenger seat gazing wild-eyed back at the dog.  And the cartoon has Carter saying, " A truck-eatin’ dawg? I got worse news for ya. This thing is floored!"  That cartoon would be just as funny today if you labeled the dog "State Farm" and put Hood and Scruggs in the truck.

Also, thanks to the WSJ for the link to my blog at the bottom of the online editorial. 

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