Update on Scruggs contempt proceedings

E.A. Renfroe filed its reply brief in the show cause proceedings in federal court in Alabama over alleged contempt of an injunction by Kerri Rigsby and attorney Dickie Scruggs.  Rigsby is one of two sisters who took documents from Renfroe, a State Farm contractor that helps adjust insurance claims.  Not a lot of fireworks in this brief, which ends with this plea:

We have witnessed a consistent pattern of conduct by Kerri Rigsby and Scruggs, an officer of the court, to ignore the Injunction.  The conduct began the day the Injunction was issued, Some of the conduct occurred the same week this Court conducted the contempt hearing. Kerri Rigsby and Scruggs are not above the law.  They need to be held accountable. Not holding Kerri Rigsby and Scruggs accountable for their actions would send the signal that parties and lawyers can choose on their own to accept or reject court orders. 

I’ll keep watching the case.  When I know what happens, you’ll know what happens.

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