Update On Bus Rider/Bicyclist Incident

I heard back from Trimet, Portland’s transit authority, about this incident.  They say Trimet police were looking for the bus rider because the two-year statute of limitations was about to expire on a possible criminal prosecution.  Now, I’m not a criminal lawyer and I don’t play one on TV (although I have watched people who play criminal lawyers on TV and I did clerk for the great Bill Foreman in Phoenix), so I don’t know what the charge would have been, but if Trimet says it’s a two-year statute of limitations, I’m prepared to accept that.  However, it appears the quest to find the man described by one lawyer of my acquaintance as the "righteous bus rider" did not attract much public support, because Trimet reports he was not found. 

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  1. Scott Jonsson

    Shameless plug for an old boss ? Are you in trouble in AZ and need his assistance ?