U.S. Attorney’s Office declines prosecution of Dickie Scruggs

U.S. Attorney Alice Martin of the Northern District of Alabama has declined Judge William Acker’s request to prosecute Dickie Scruggs for alleged criminal contempt  stemming from the E.A. Renfroe lawsuit against the "whistleblower" Rigsby sisters. 

According to this story, Martin didn’t say much about her reasons. Acker, of course, has a back-up plan: he said he would appoint another attorney to prosecute if Martin declined.  No word yet on when that is going to happen or who will be chosen.  You can read more about this whole hullabaloo at this post I did earlier this year.  I looked for Martin’s declination letter to Acker on Martin’s website, but didn’t find it.  I was relieved to find, however, that the website lists a "Kids Page" so youngsters can get the full flavor of the justice system.  Among the useful information on the Kids Page is this:

What does the judge wear?

Judges wear robes in court and under the robe the judge wears regular clothes.

I notice they left out one important fact, however — the best thing about wearing that black robe has got to be that you never have to worry whether your belt matches your shoes. 

I know what some of you are thinking, I’m a day late with this story.  Well, it’s true, but you try finding a place to get decent Wi-Fi in Newport, Oregon, where my family was vacationing this week.  After sitting in the Newport Public Library for two hours trying to keep connected, I just about whipped out that reserve telephone cord I keep to try dial-up, but to be honest, I couldn’t face doing that.  It would be unbearably primitive, like plowing a field with a mule instead of a tractor, or writing on a typewriter instead of a laptop.  I mean, if we’re going to go back to caveman days I might as well forget about blogging and try to communicate with a big drum, a newsletter or some such other troglodytic accoutrement. 

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