Tuesday potpourri

The posts have been getting lengthy recently, so to mix it up, just a few short items today:

  • This item in a Massachusetts newspaper is on the subject of car insurance reforms in the state and is apparently some sort of column, but without a point and without a clue.  It lost me when it came to this part:

Driving and auto insurance rates are definite problems in Massachusetts. But at least the auto segment isn’t as messed up as homeowners insurance, where anyone who lives within a certain distance of the ocean has to buy inferior coverage from the state. All homes on places like Cape Cod were dropped by their insurance companies a few years ago even if they hadn’t put in a claim in 50 years.

I suppose we should be grateful the auto insurers have not followed the same philosophy and put disclaimers on policies stating they won’t be covering motor vehicle accidents occurring in high winds or hurricanes.

Like I said, no point, no clue.


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