Today’s post is Saturday’s post

The news about State Farm suing Mississippi AG Jim Hood came late Friday, and so most readers may not have heard of it or seen the post I wrote about it Saturday morning.  So with thanks to all the folks who keep sending me ideas for posts — and I do appreciate this greatly — I’m going to let them pile up a little longer so as not to detract from this news, which is still sizzling hot. Would have had the post done Friday night, but there was a lot to read and comprehend before I wrote.  Also, you folks who e-mail me, I love to hear from you.  It is not easy to set your alarm to get up at 5 o’clock Saturday morning to write a post, and if I didn’t like this blog’s readers so much, I wouldn’t think about doing so.  Never was much of a morning person before this blog came along.  I read every e-mail, do my best to answer them all, sometimes it’s not easy with my day job.  As I’ve said before, work is the curse of the blogging class. 

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