The ‘toast’ of Mississippi

Dickie Scruggs has declared Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale "political toast," and took out a full-page ad in a Jackson newspaper depicting Dale as a pig with lipstick.  Yes, you read that correctly. 

The link above has a further link to a TV news video on the ad.  The TV clip contains an interview with Scruggs in which he says something true: the Katrina claims are not just legal battles, they are public relations and political battles.  However, if he thinks this cartoon ad is effective public relations, I’m not convinced. The ad, which when I read about it sounded merely pretty dumb, turned out to be uncreative, childish and disreputable when I actually saw it.  I suppose the only ad that would have been more hackneyed and stale would be a cartoon in the old Marxist style: one that depicts Dale and State Farm officials as top-hatted swells with long-tailed tuxedos standing on the battlements, wielding rolled up insurance policies that they use to club down ragged and desperate Mississippians as the people try to climb the walls to flee rising Katrina flood surge.

UPDATE: Here’s a better view of the ad, which is featured prominently on the Scruggs Katrina Group website. (Originally I said it was the Scruggs blog but was mistaken).  The ad was also linked to on, which has a few interesting comments from state residents about Scruggs and the ad.

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