The Missing Links

The Cutting Edge: Whoever said insurance coverage wasn’t on the cutting edge of civil rights (if anyone has ever actually said that . . . or thought about it even) hasn’t been keeping up with Lambda Legal or its most recent lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday, claims that the state of Oregon violated anti-discrimination laws by denying insurance coverage for a hysterectomy to a transgender man clerking for the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Homes, automobiles, and commercial property, OH MY!: Worse than the damage to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry’s house in the Wizard of Oz: insurance companies have already paid over $4.2 million in coverage for the damage caused by the Memorial Day windstorm (that did include tornadoes) in Fargo, North Dakota and the total could rise to $5.8 million.

David adds: There are also big flooding problems in Minot, N.D. The Souris River is going nuts. Lots of the town has been evacuated, including my niece, her husband and their kids, and they are living out on our family farm two hours away. "Souris" is French for mouse, the river originates in Canada, comes down to Minot and loops back up. I don’t like to brag, but Minot is where I went to undergrad, at the prestigious Minot State College — it had a great English department and was an awesome party school (I co-majored in English and Advance Party Studies). When I  was a kid there was a big flood and they called it "The Mouse That Roared," but as I recall I don’t think it was anything like the size of this.  

Insurance, bringing politicians together: One thing that always annoys me during election season is that with both parties so busy pointing out their differences, we miss the chance for politicians to come together. Well, the NY Times has solved this problem (really, solving a problem this big is as simple as publishing an article in the Times) by pointing out 4, count ’em, 4 insurance issues that Republicans and Democrats could possibly, if they try really, really hard agree on.  

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