The Gospel Of Blogging

I found this story in the Des Moines Business Record better than most stories on legal blogging, and I liked the perspective that one goal of blogging is to take the mystery out of law. I might also add that putting some fun into it doesn’t hurt, either.  One bone to pick: the story says the featured attorney "is not a writer by profession. In fact, he’s not a writer at all."  Remember, that’s the reporter’s turn of phrase, not a self-description by the attorney.  If any lawyer does not see himself or herself as a professional writer, they are doing a disservice to themselves and anyone who encounters their prose.  Lawyers get paid, and paid well, to write.  They owe the reader an excellent, thoughtful product, whether it is an update letter, an e-mail or an important brief.  Hat tip: Blawg, written by Bill Gratsch.


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2 Responses to The Gospel Of Blogging

  1. It is so true that all lawyers, especially here in the United States where law practice is so heavily paper-dependent, must, by definition, be writers. My practice, which involves a lot of preparation of legal opinion letters concerning insurance policies, is even more heavily tilted toward writing. Yet people are reluctant to think of me as a writer. It can be frustrating.

  2. Thanks for the kind mention regarding the story. I agree with you completely regarding whether a lawyer is a professional writer. I was a little surprised by the comment from the reporter but overall the story was quite positive so I had little reason to complain. Keep up the great work on your blog!