Thanksgiving blogging schedule

Unless I hear that Mississippi AG Jim Hood has run off with Paris Hilton, that outgoing Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale is demanding that Dickie Scruggs retract his assertion that Dale is a pig with lipstick, that State Farm is suing Sen. Trent Lott, or some such, today’s posts are my last until Monday.  It’s been quite a November at Insurance Coverage Law Blog, four months’ worth of Katrina theater piled into a few weeks — and all this in addition to working my day job.    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, friends.  Thanks for reading, thanks for the e-mails, thanks for the calls, thanks for the news tips.  I hope you have a special holiday with all the people that got you to where you are — life is a precious gift, don’t ever take it or your loved ones for granted.  We only have both for a short while.  I’m looking forward to a great Thanksgiving with my family in Portland, although I wish I could also see all my people up in NoDak.  I’m also looking forward to a little rest. (But if you hear of anything big, let me know.  You know how to reach me).  

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