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One of the highlights of my day is receiving e-mails from readers — although I’ve been lucky in that a fair number of people post public comments, a lot more send me private e-mails, and that is one of the great joys of blogging: meeting new, interesting people, with fascinating takes on the issues we discuss here.  Doesn’t matter whether they agree or disagree with me, I enjoy hearing from people, and I keep their identities to myself, and the information too, unless they say it’s OK to use it. 

Thanks especially to those who read my anti-concurrent cause article and commented to me on it, including correcting a few errors I had in it.  I took these comments to heart and made a few changes for the final draft that will appear in Appleman’s.   That is one of the new paradigms of the internet, to put out a product and invite public comment before it’s set in stone, and that is something I hope to do again.  I will be writing a follow-up article on the implications of Katrina appellate decisions for the April edition of Appleman’s Critical Issues, and I’m still forming my opinions on those decisions, so input is always welcome — writing this blog is a continuing education for me.

This blog and the reader response I’ve received is just another reason why I say I must be the luckiest man on Earth to have had the life I’ve had — growing up in NoDak with the finest folks in the world, then getting paid to be a journalist and then a lawyer, not to mention the great family I have and living in Portland, Oregon, the friendliest city I’ve ever seen.  Life is a great adventure, with the oddest twists and turns — never did I imagine in my younger years I would be writing about insurance and having a ball doing it.  Always feel free to e-mail me at with questions, comments, ideas for posts, news or criticism.  I read every e-mail, and I try to respond to each one, with the exception of those that ask me to send money to bribe Nigerian customs officials for the purpose of extracating a large fortune from the country.  I currently have all my money tied up helping some folks get a large fortune out of Malaysia, for which — I think it’s OK to reveal this — I have been assured I will shortly receive some rather handsome compensation!


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  1. Jason Barney

    And, thanks to you for the valuable information and analysis benefiting your readers! Your top-notch analysis and sharp wit make coverage analysis fun (okay, maybe not fun, but bearable).
    You’re the ‘power lifter’ of insurance coverage attorneys!