Scruggs Nation: the Secret Lives of PR Flacks

After a year’s hiatus, I’ve been looking for the right time to start blogging again.  This is that time. The sun, which never sets on the Scruggs Nation, shines ever so brightly once again.

I mean, I can’t pass up a moment like this one, where there is a golden cache of emails out there in the public record, a used-to-be secret hoard of communications between the inner Scruggs circle and the PR firm that was supposed to stage manage his triumph in Hurricane Katrina litigation.  What could go wrong with that plan?

I apologize in advance to readers who are not well-versed in Scruggsmania, or those who have forgotten some of the names or sequence of events. In this post, I won’t have the time to give a total recap and will have to assume that the reader has a background in what I’m talking about.

These emails are attached to this post at the Y’all Politics blog, and yesterday blog proprietor Alan Lange called me and said they were a must-read.  Here’s a link directly to the emails. Alan said these were required reading particularly since a fair number of these emails are about me and my Scruggsblogging.  Well, I read every single one of them and my reaction is . . . what’s the word I’m looking for here? Yowza! Crikey! Or maybe even Holy Cow!  

With this new information coming to light, I might have to re-evaluate. I thought at the time this was a pretty sophisticated bunch, the Scruggs PR operation, but these emails make me wonder.  Look, I’m not naive about PR people — as a rule, to their clients’ faces they are utter, shameless sycophants that would make Toadie from the Road Warrior look like Winston Churchill in comparison, but behind their clients’ backs they snark on them mercilessly, Joan Rivers style. So you expect to see some stuff like that in emails, particularly when they have to deal with a rather challenging bunch like the Scruggs gang.  But I was surprised to see Dickie dissed, and my oh my but the Rigsby sisters get less respect than Eleanor Rigby.

And I do think that at the beginning of Katrina litigation the PR people in conjunction with Scruggs did a really nice job of managing the news cycle.  And I have to say that when I read things such as chief Scruggs PR flack Ainsley Perrien calling me "irresponsible and offensive," that’s OK. I mean, what else is she supposed to say to her clients? It’s a tough job she had.  I’m sure in person she is a perfectly pleasant professional and I wish instead of kvetching about me and assuming I was some hireling living off State Farm’s payroll she would have called me up to give me her point of view, and if she asked I would have been happy to tell her why I was doing what I was doing: I found the Katrina story to be fascinating human drama and it became a hobby to blog about it. It was just a pure accident.  And I could have told her that all these hilariously Inspector-Clouseau-like schemes revealed in the emails that were supposed to silence or counter my blogging wouldn’t have any effect, but I certainly would have listened to and valued her perspective if offered in good faith.  How does the maxim go? "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." 

Some of these schemes are: (and to be fair, not all of these were hatched or necessarily endorsed by Perrien, some of them came from Zach Scruggs or the Scruggs(less) Katrina Group)

  • Serving a subpoena duces tecum for my "blog records" aimed at finding out who my sources were and intimidating people, which they refer to as "snitches" or "squirrels,"  from communicating with me.
  • Creating astroturfed, fake blogs that would be pro-Scruggs and/or attack me.
  • Submitting a ton of fake, astroturfed pro-Scruggs comments to my posts.
  • Investigating me in an attempt to dig up dirt and/or expose me as a complete idiot or paid lackey of the ruling class.
  • Complaining to media reporters who interviewed me and quoted me.

In my view, these are are all foolish and ineffectual ideas.  Let’s explore the reasons:

  • I would have quashed a subpoena as harassing and irrelevant to any case in which it was issued,. To be valid, the subpoena would have had to issue under the authority of the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon, and so I would have fought it in Portland. I also would have used Oregon’s media shield law to keep from revealing any sources — I was a newspaper reporter back in the day, and bloggers are every bit as much journalists as print and broadcast media. 
  • I guess one man’s "snitch" is another man’s "whistleblower," eh? And vice versa. For folks who were so involved in promoting the "whistleblower" Rigsby sisters, you would think they would get the nomenclature right.
  • Almost all my information came from public records like court filings so the sources were pretty obvious.
  • You can fake all the astroturf blogs you want, but since it was a pure accident I happened along at the time I did, I couldn’t be replicated or reverse engineered. 
  • Swarms of pro-Scruggs comments under the posts, written by some rent-a-mob? How pathetic is that?  You think I don’t know who writes those comments? I saw very few of these kind of comments, in any event.
  • I guess they didn’t find the dirt. Whew!!
  • As someone who worked for a metropolitan daily newspaper for eight years, I can state with great certainty that telling media people whom they should talk to is a good way to make yourself look weak, weasely and untrustworthy, and goes a long way toward totally discrediting yourself. 
  • The internet is a marketplace. People read what they want to read. Good and entertaining posts are in demand, mindless shilling and hack writing are not.

In many ways, this is stuff lawyers and professional PR people should know.  It’s kind of odd that they didn’t, don’t you think? They didn’t know what to make of blogging, like it was a completely alien life form. It’s kind of like when the Aztecs first saw Cortes and his crew on horses, they couldn’t figure out what they were looking at.

Let’s look at a few of the things these people said:

  • Page 238 of the pdf, a July 29, 2007 email from Zach Scruggs to Ainsley Perrien. "What do you think about setting up someone to blog against him directly, refuting statements he makes. I will write the blog if someone else can actually do it. I don’t want to do it directly because it drags me down to his level, but it should be done."  I have always liked Zach Scruggs, I wish he had only sunk as far down as my level.
  • Check out page 337, a heated email from Zach to Perrien dated November 12, 2007, where he says "we need someone else (a lawyer) who dedicates his life to attacking Rossmiller’s blogs on us," and demands that Perrien come up with a concrete plan to stem a flow of bad publicity from a variety of sources that is "making us look like criminals."  Remind me, how did that plan work out?
  • Look at page 240, Perrien’s response to Zach. She talks about chewing out the Associated Press reporter who interviewed me, bemoans the fact that Zach won’t blog and talks about putting another blogger on the Scruggs Katrina Group website that is "very aggressive like rossmiller w our side of the story. We could do that today."  She had to know it wasn’t that easy. I mean, she had to, right, she was just shining him on? If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
  • Same email, she says to Zach: "We were just meeting Friday and Saturday over the rossmiller blogger issue and decided to implement our own person to go after him. Once ap started quoting him I hit the roof." Come on, two days of meetings about me? I don’t believe that for a second. This is all a pose, this roof-hitting. And who is this person they implemented to go after me? Whoever it was, someone forgot to tell me, I never noticed and apparently neither did anyone else. In any event, this plan either never materialized, was attempted but FUBARed up beyond all repair, or happened but failed in spectacular New Cokeian fashion. 
  • Page 350 has another November 12 email from Zach to Perrien. I really like this one, Zach is a good writer, if he had blogged more like this it would have been something to behold.  The email is a long rant about how unqualified I am and yet the media is giving me all kinds of credibility, and then there is this great line: "Other than staying at a Holiday Inn Express last night he has no basis to be able to opine on any of this stuff . . . . EXPOSE HIM!"   One reason I like this so much is about four months before this email was written I was back in the small town in North Dakota where I grew up at a school reunion and a girl I went to high school with introduced me to her husband. She mentioned I was a lawyer and he said, "Yeah, and you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night too." He thought we were putting him on, didn’t believe I was really a lawyer, I mean, it’s natural, not that many lawyers from a small town, right? It was a pretty good laugh. I guess he expected that lawyers wear a suit at all times.
  • Page 375 has a January 3, 2008 email from Perrien to someone whose name is not familiar to me (maybe he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the previous night). Speaking of me, she says, "FYI — this is the blogger that is driving us nuts."  She talks about training some blogger who was going to take me on.  In one of the earlier emails, there was some reference to "Anna Marie" and "Cottonmouth," whom I take it were in some way being encouraged to indulge in pro-Scruggsianism and possibly take me on. If I ever knew, I no longer remember who these people are.  Can anyone help me out?
  • Starting on page 378, there is a lot of interesting stuff, from February 2008 and there is an entire post I wrote about Mississippi AG Jim Hood testifying in court.  This was my favorite post evah and I see it drove the Scruggs Katrina Group, to quote Ainsley Perrien, "nuts." I know these are just private musings and people under pressure blowing off steam, so I don’t take it personally or that seriously, what they are saying.  These things they are talking about like "pop[ping] this jerk w a subpoena," subpoenaing my "ass" to see who was paying for my "poison," delving into my firm’s internal records, shutting down my "ass" and my "little snitches" too. Page 397 contains a plan that was ill-thought-out and I’m sure after emotions cooled the author realized its flaws.
  • Page 405 has a great email from Perrien to the Scruggs Katrina Group people, it’s part of the same thread. This is a classic instance of someone trying to act like they are going along with some kids who are going to TP the teacher’s house or Dippity Doo his car door handles while actually saying stuff that will tend to get them to think twice about it.  This email is so great the only way it could be any better is if it was covered in chocolate. Remember now, Ainsley Perrien has been in the PR business for decades, deals with the media all the time, and she says goofy stuff like "would it be a freedom of speech issue? Would he try to take that stance? I don’t think there is a lot of precedence on this.  Going into unchartered territory can be time consuming.  On the other hand we need to show our teeth.  This would certainly get coverage and raise the issue of how bloggers impact litigation. They are not journalists and can’t be protected as such, I would think, given the obvious bias."
  • Wow! She is totally putting these guys on, right? I mean, this is a seasoned professional, she knows you don’t need a little "press" tag in your hat or a government-issued badge to be a journalist, right?  She knows that opinion columnists write obviously biased pieces and that they are protected just the same as the "neutral" people, correct? She’s aware of the First Amendment, state media shield laws, anti-SLAPP suit laws, not to mention the fact that she thoroughly researched me and knew I know media law very well and am also a litigation lawyer by trade, right? And she knew this would have been a total fiasco and about the last thing this bunch needed at the time, right? I mean, secretly she is thinking, this gang doesn’t need to be taking anyone on, they need to be running for the tall grass, isn’t she?  In reading through these 400-plus pages of emails, I really liked this lady, I’m sure she knows what she is doing.  Like when she asks whether they are going to serve me with a subpoena when I arrived in Mississippi for the Mississippi State Insurance Day forum, that was only to point out how stupid it would have been and how I would have stood on that stage where I spoke waving that subpoena, and how they would have been the laughingstock of the (Scruggs) nation. I like how at the end, right after giving this half-hearted line about how they should call her if she can be any help putting the flaming bag of dog poop on the teacher’s porch, she pretends to be one of the cool kids by adding, "Rossmiller is irresponsible and offensive to me." Well played, Ainsley!
  • Page 425 has this great plaintive all-caps wail type of thing going on, and page 428 more fantasizing about subpoenaing my "blog records," whatever that is. 
  • Page 434 has about the first sensible thing I read in these emails, it says "Be prepared for him to come at us with both barrels if we do that.  Those guys are dangerous and we might be walking into a lion’s den." To which I say, Amen! You don’t know the half of it, brother.
  • Page 438 has this thing from lawyer Don Barrett that says "We must be very careful here," and essentially shuts down Operation Ass Subpoena. 
  • However, page 442 has some more foolishness about how some guy they were training up was going to go after me on some blog, some guy named Norm.  Whoever this was, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember this happening. If you actually went after me, Norm, no offense intended by not remembering.
  • Near the end of the emails, Perrien asks someone, in response to a post I wrote about the Trailer Lawyers, "What are the Trailer Lawyers?" (This, by the way, was after I had been to Mississippi, where I noticed my ass was not served with a subpoena while there).  This sudden lack of enthusiasm for the fight, this lack of attention to detail, disappoints me.  Ainsley, my friend, it is not "what," but "who," for the Trailer Lawyers you know well by their given names, but the names the rest of us know them by are these: Trailer Chip and Trailer Tony, Trailer Todd and Trailer Mary.  It says so right here.  And, Ainsley Perrien, let’s close this post with this requiem that brought me great sadness to write, for with this the Trailer Lawyers slowly pulled their double-wide off into the sunset. Sing it with me, to the tune of Don McLean’s American Pie:  (I admit it needs updating, it was written two years ago).

Bye bye Trailer Lawyer pie,

Drove my trailer to the courthouse but the judge said bye bye

Them Snake Farm boys was laughing while we cried

Singing this will be the day your case dies,

This will be the day your case dies. 

Now for five months, we’ve been on our own

Since Scruggs got knocked off his lawyer throne.

But that’s not how it used to be.

When the Rigsbys sang for ABC,

With some quotes they borrowed from Dickie,

And some files that came from piracy.

And as we reached the motion stage, 

My hands were clenched in fists of rage,

No story we could tell,

Could break that Snake Farm spell.

And as our briefs climbed higher in the fight,  

We just couldn’t seem to get it right, 

I saw bloggers laughing with delight,

The day the Qui Tam died.

And they were singing,

Bye bye Trailer Lawyer pie,

Drove my trailer to the courthouse but the judge said bye bye

Them Snake Farm boys was laughing while we cried

Singing this will be the day your case dies,

This will be the day your case dies. 





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40 Responses to Scruggs Nation: the Secret Lives of PR Flacks

  1. Paul

    Glad to see you back, but sad to see the demise of the Scruggs-nation. Your blog was and is a true pleasure to read.
    Any new subjects on the horizon?

  2. ThirdSouth

    February 11, 2008 email message from Alert Katrina to Derek Wyatt, regarding AG Hood’s performance under cross-examination: “Hood thoroughly beclowned himself.”

  3. Alice

    This reminds us again that Dickie and Zach Scruggs obviously knew very little about the practice of law.

  4. David, it’s a tell, or something, that email worrying about being made to look like criminals 10 or so days before the FBI arrives with a search warrant (or two weeks after Tim Balducci wandered through the Scruggs office bearing a federal wire).

  5. David Rossmiller

    Paul, I guess I’ll play it by ear, go back to writing about insurance coverage, probably snark on Charlie Crist from time to time, one of my least favorite pols.
    NMC,a truer word was never said. The wicked flee when no one pursues.

  6. David Rossmiller

    Clayton, thanks for the links. Now I remember this Ana Marie after looking up her blog. The PR people wanted to use her as a plant but said she lacked credibility. Cottonmouth I don’t remember at all. I can’t quite tell from the emails if the PR people ever got around to setting up a complete robot blog written by some total drooling Scruggs zombie, you know, something with no integrity whatsoever, so degraded it had no character, not even bad character. I take it Ana Marie and Cottonmouth were existing blogs that expressed some Scruggs or policyholder sympathy and therefore these Scruggsite tried to pimp them. That’s just my guess, someone might be able to tell me better.
    It was interesting to me that a lot of the PR work just wasn’t very good or effective. When they had everything going their way, shock about the losses from Katrina, no effective counternarrative, sure, they did great. But once State Farm steroided up its own PR and others started taking a closer look at Scruggs Central, they couldn’t hack it. They were like some guys running up the score on some seventh graders in basketball, and then they totally Casper Milquetoast it when dudes their own size show up. Plus, let’s face it, there is only so much you can do to keep your clients on life support when they insist on getting in the bathtub and throwing a plugged in radio in afterwards.
    I was fascinated by the plan to have some chucklehead named Wayne send hasty comments to my posts, and there was also some troll they called Harry and some other Night of the Living Dead sorts too, maybe. This is their plan? Their client is weaing gasoline pants and playing with matches and they are wasting time trying to get some mouthbreathers to write robo-comments. Did Scruggs ever ask for his money back?

  7. bellesouth

    Obviously, you’ve been called out for what you are, Rossmiller! They recognized what a pain in the ass you are and then all of sudden you quit blogging. Haha. hahahahahaha. So, why was that you quit blogging?

  8. bellesouth

    That’s it folks! Wait another year and a half for your Rossmiller fix!

  9. Care to give Kodrin a second shot David?
    Less than 2 feet of flood water does not 250K in damages make. PR spin won’t save your heros at State Farm.

  10. bellesouth

    You dumbass Rossmiller this was two years ago. You don’t even remember shit! Go away. Zach was right! What the fuck do you know anyway?

  11. David Rossmiller

    SOP, I recall some things about Kodrin but would have to go back and look to see specifically what you are saying. Care to elaborate?

  12. David Rossmiller

    Bellesouth — a good reminder that not all trolls and Scruggsites and astroturfers were named Wayne or Harry. As I recall, you attended that hearing where Hood beclowned himself and wrote a glowing review. Kind of like in Citizen Kane where Kane had his newspapers write rave reviews about the triumphant debut of his “singer” wife even though she was a mess. Probably you were as unhinged as Ainsley Perrien and the Scruggs(less) Katrina Group by that post I wrote stating the obvious: Hood talked a big game and then went into the courtroom and got all wee-wee’d up.
    The reasons I quit blogging were simple. My mother died on June 2, 2009, unexpectedly, and this was a huge blow to me, my wife and kids, my large extended family and the community in which she was a very important part for all her life. This was shortly after my last post, and there was a lot to do after this and lots to think about, lots of family time. Since time is finite, something had to give and it was blogging. The reason I start again is simple also, I enjoy it and I am constantly asked to blog by a number of people I encounter from people in the industry, to friends and even new clients. The most important person who wants me to blog is my wife, and this carries the most weight by far. Besides being an activity I enjoy, blogging is a branding concept. At my firm I am a strong advocate of marketing, and each person must discover what he or she does best and establish a brand around that. How one does that is their choice. This is one of the things I do. In addition, blogging and writing well brings influence in case law developments, and judges and others increasinly consult views and analysis on the web. I have had success with this and wish to continue it. Insurance coverage analysis is a difficult intellectual field and I seek to bring clarity to analysis of its issues.

  13. Ted

    “This probably means something negative about our future w them.” — TRG 017033

  14. a fan

    First and most important, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers go to you and your family. The loss of a parent is truly one of the hardest things in the world to go through.
    Secondly, “got all wee-wee’d up.” You are just hilarious. And isn’t it surprising to see two trollers back on your website, after reading all those emails with the PR folks…about getting trollers to hit. Just too funny. And true to nature, cue up the belligerent cussing and wildly thrown insults. What was that old saying–If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullpoopie.
    Welcome back, David, your intelligence and humor have been missed.

  15. Rick

    I found it interesting on page 101 of the documents where Jim Hood was looking to the folks at SKG to proof his letter reacting to the article. Just like all the corrupt judges Scruggs worked with, this is proof positive that Scruggs was also running the AG office. We already knew this but this really shows how cozy they were.

  16. Clayton

    According to NMC’s post on all this, the “Wayne” in question: “Wayne Edwards, is a political consultant / public relations guy who has historically been involved in Democratic campaigns and politics in Mississippi”

  17. Rick

    I found it interesting on page 101 of the documents where Jim Hood was looking to the folks at SKG to proof his letter reacting to the article. Just like all the corrupt judges Scruggs worked with, this is proof positive that Scruggs was also running the AG office. We already knew this but this really shows how cozy they were.

  18. bellesouth

    Ross, you act like you’ve been blogging all along with your present tense shit. You haven’t been blogging because the money dried up — it must be rolling in again. What I find really dumbfounding is that the Scruggs did not make State Farm rip off the NFIP and the US taxpayers and they did not make the Rigsbys discover the fraud that they were pulling on their clients and the NFIP.

  19. bellesouth

    “I would have quashed a subpoena as harassing and irrelevant to any case in which it was issued,. To be valid, the subpoena would have had to issue under the authority of the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon, and so I would have fought it in Portland. I also would have used Oregon’s media shield law to keep from revealing any sources — I was a newspaper reporter back in the day, and bloggers are every bit as much journalists as print and broadcast media.”
    Would you have moved to quash the subpoena that resulted in the release of these e-mails? Just on the grounds that these were let in could be an open door to SDT any relationship you have with State Farm. And um, no, I don’t think because you used to be a journalist and are now a lawyer/blogger you are protected. You are more so liable, since you are under professional ethics rules of the bar.

  20. David Rossmiller

    Rick, tegarding Hood, usually he blamed things on Courtney Schloemer. Now we know he also had the Rendon Group writing his copy. You are right, he was so cozy with Scruggs he even used Scruggs’ apple polishers to do his work nd make sure it was consistent with the team message.
    Belle, if ignorance and bile were oil, you’d be Saudi Arabia. You have no idea what you are saying about being either a lawyer or a journalist. Also, you got the name wrong: it’s SNAKE Farm.

  21. Bellesouth

    If you can’t deal with facts, slur, right Rossie? Just dazzle them false innuendo.

  22. JustinTexas

    David, I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I would have stepped away from the computer as well, especially since the Scruggs case was resolved and the bad guys were in jail. You have a real talent for writing that does not come along often. I haven’t come across anyone like you since you left. Welcome back. Keep truth telling in your own witty way.
    Belle, welcome back as Hood’s and Scrugg’s mouthpiece. You are in so deep with the bad guys that you could not possibly see the truth. When you counter EVERY point EVERY time, it kinda gives you away. You may want to try to say “good point” every now and then to gain at least a shred of credibility. Right now you are just a carnival barker. I hope some PR firm is not wasting money on you, as that money could be helping people on the MS coast recover. Tell the hoodster I said hello.
    PS- Let’s start the clock to see how long it takes for these thugs to get back in the game. For God’s sake there’s a lot of oil swashing around in the Gulf which may result in suits that surpass the tobacco and insurance suits of the past.

  23. MaryAnn

    So glad your back David, the best scene of all is when Hood testified in court and how you blogged about it. I’ve gotta go back and look that up, its always good for a laugh. So sorry about your Mom, and thank your wife for encouraging your blogging.

  24. Jace

    David: My sympathy on the loss of your mother. It is wonderful to see you back,though my goodness it certainly seems to have spoiled the entire day for some!

  25. Alex

    David Rossmiller is my hero.

  26. bellesouth

    Oregon’s Media Shield Law: Statutory exceptions: There are exceptions and limitations in the statute. It does not apply to: (1) utterances by a government official or employee within the scope of his or her governmental function; (2) political publications subject to certain Oregon laws regulating political advertising and publications; or ***(3) the content or source of allegedly defamatory information, in a civil action for defamation where the defendant bases a defense on the content or source of the information.***

  27. Doug

    Thank you for blogging again. Thank very much.

  28. David Rossmiller

    Bellesouth, what is this, a cry for help? You realize none of those exceptions apply, right? No one sued me for defamation and I didn’t base a defense to it by saying I was only repeating what a source told me. Good Lord, wake up and smell the sweet potatoes!

  29. bellesouth

    No one sent you anything. But you were protect under any media shield law that is for sure. And normally the bar takes lawyer’s actions seriously since they are officers of the court.

  30. David Rossmiller

    Belle, if I didn’t know this was real, I’d say this is a great parody of an unhinged Hoodite, Ainsley Perrien-created replicant. Also, when you spam my comments with fake names and the like, I know it is you, I can read the IP address and where it is, and I just delete those. That’s why Ainsley’s scheme with Wayne and Harry was so stupid, no comments get on unless I publish them personally. OK, now you’re starting to get a little manic so I’m cutting you off on this thread.

  31. anonymous

    I nitpick because I love. In this context, it’s “hoard”, not “horde”.

  32. David Rossmiller

    Anon, you are right, thanks for the correction. I’ve changed it above to reflect correct usage.

  33. David, I am absolutely thrilled you are back to blogging. I saw you joined Linkedin which lead to checking your blog. I hope you jump in quickly and blog about the BP claims process and your opinion on such with the Ken Feinburg, ESIS, and proposed settements with the 20B fund.
    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. I can’t even bear the thought of losing mine after the loss of my dad 10 years ago. It never seems to get easier missing them.

  34. Jeez, I just finished months of blog rehab trying to get past the withdrawal symptoms from Mr. Rossmiller’s hiatus, and now it all comes back because of yet another masterpiece post. Thanks! Now, if only Mr. Rossmiller can find another FUBAR thicket deserving of his talents and attention.

  35. Thick

    David, glad you are back.
    One can always tell when the SLABBED trash opines…profanity is the only retort available when one lacks the wherewithal to respond in an educated/informed manner.

  36. Scruggs Nation addict

    Mr. Rossmiller garners a mention in the WSJ’s editorial entitled “Mississippi Justice on Email”:
    Another target was David Rossmiller, an Oregon attorney who did the nation a service by blogging the details of the Hood-trial bar insurance litigation. In response to one Rossmiller post, Zach Scruggs orders the Rendon team to dig into Mr. Rossmiller’s life and “EXPOSE HIM!”

  37. Doug in Missouri

    Sorry to hear about your mother. I know I’m repeating everyone else but I’m glad you’re back. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and it has inhanced my knowledge in this field. Keep up the good work.

  38. amber

    Welcome back David, Remember if this blogging thing doesn’t work out there’s always Branson.