Remember These Two?

The two elderly L.A. women who allegedly committed insurance fraud in the deaths of two homeless men after taking out large life insurance policies on them have been denied bail by a judge who found there is probable cause that the two committed murder.   The lawyer for one protested that his client poses very little risk of killing anyone.  He might have also pointed out that the alleged killings were six years apart, and by that standard the next one could be as much as five years off.  Also, he could have pointed out that there are millions of people in the L.A. area who were not killed by her and that statistically, if you have a home and a life insurance beneficiary that is not her, you are entirely safe.  But he didn’t make these points: I guess he was having an off day.  Considering that they are in L.A. and have a lot of spare time now, the two could start marketing a screenplay for Arsenic and Old Lace II, with the means changed from poisoned elderberry wine to shoving someone in front of a car, and with the motive changed from ending the suffering of old gents to getting rich off fraudulent insurance policies.   

UPDATE: an alert reader tipped me off that I had originally written "elderly wine," which, while somewhat apropos in this context, was a typo.

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