No post today

I think this will be the third time in a year and a half of blogging that I haven’t had a real post during a non-holiday weekday — posts saying I’m not going to post don’t count.  One of those times, I was too sick to get out of bed.  This time, due to a confluence of work, deadlines, lack of sleep and internet access problems, I can see it’s not in the cards.  Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.


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2 Responses to No post today

  1. Michael

    This was a holiday weekend for some of us!

  2. Jo

    You deserve a break from your intense writing which is greatly appreciated (the writing, not the break). I look forward to your next blog and hopefully your conference call on your Appleman’s article.
    Signed: A good sister who never met or wants to meet a Scruggs!