Multi-peril insurance

This is old news, more or less, and many of you folks have been following this more closely than I have, but in case you didn’t know, the Senate Banking Committee passed a flood insurance "reform" bill that stripped out the wind coverage provisions that were in the version that passed the House.  The committee’s issue with the wind coverage was the unknown cost, and I agree it is never wise to create a new program and hand it a blank check.  That’s like co-signing an auto loan for your brother-in-law, or asking some guy you meet on the street to watch your briefcase full of money while you finish text messaging the commissioner of your fantasy football league.  I’d like to see, however, a side-by-side comparison of potential costs of the wind program and the cost of federal disaster relief for hurricanes.  Would wind coverage necessarily reduce the price of disaster relief? I’m guessing not by a lot, but it’s only a guess.  Anyone who knows of any facts or figures, would you please pass them on to me? 

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