More on Trent Lott v. State Farm

I take it the March 27 settlement conference in Trent Lott’s case against State Farm did not happen, because here is a pdf of an amended scheduling order, filed March 26, that says the settlement conference will be held July 3 and setting a jury trial for September.

Also of interest is a fairly unusual filing the same day of a letter Lott’s attorney and brother-in-law Dickie Scruggs sent to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood.  Why this was filed with the court is beyond me, except to try to make some point I can’t quite discern. The letter asks Hood for documents taken from State Farm claims vendor E.A. Renfroe by the "whistleblower" Rigsby sisters, and which Scruggs and the Rigsby sisters were required to return to Renfroe by order of a federal judge in Alabama. I thought the salutation was a bit much: "Dear General Hood."

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