Mississippi State Insurance Day

I now know the time I’ll be speaking in Starkville: April 2 at 3 p.m.  I’ll provide the entire list of speakers soon, when it’s ready to release to the public.  That puts me as the last speaker of the day, so I hope everyone isn’t tired and surly by that point.  I’ll probably speak for about 40 minutes or so, and leave some time for questions. 

Lastly, here’s something that’s been on the LexisNexis Insurance Law Center for a while, those of you who have followed the Katrina Follies might be interested in it — a short profile of Judge L.T. Senter Jr. 



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4 Responses to Mississippi State Insurance Day

  1. m koury

    Who can I call to get tickets to this?
    I have really enjoyed your coverage of Scruggsgate and here in MS you have been our best source of information. I would like to come to State to hear you speak.

  2. HumptyDumpty

    I will be there! Will you be signing autographs if we print out the homepage of ICB.com?

  3. David Rossmiller

    As for how to get tickets, you can register by calling MSU Insurance at (662) 325-7475. They tell me that if you are coming just to hear me, not including lunch and all that stuff, the cost is $30. Sweet potatoes are not accepted.
    As for autographs, usually the only people who want my autograph are the people I write checks to like my mortgage company, and sometimes my secretary to sign letters and pleadings. But sure, I’ll sign whatever you have, ICB home page, mug shot of Dickie Scruggs, transcript of Balducci’s “where the bodies are buried” or “corn on the ground” speeches, whatever.

  4. Layne

    I imagine you could pay for your trip if you brought a couple cases of autographed red Yellowstone coffee mugs with the white moose silhouette on them.
    I’d buy two if I were attending!