March is Katrina/catastrophic loss month at the Insurance Law Center

Details are here in this post by Karen Yotis.

I was also on the Insurance Law Center’s March 21 podcast, talking about a bunch of stuff, including the Sher and Landry cases currently before the Louisiana Supreme Court, legal blogging and Scruggs.  Steve Berstler did a very good interview, these guys that have been on the radio, they have a skill that’s hard to master, but sure does sound good when it’s done right.  You can click here to listen.  (I’m a few minutes into the podcast).

Lexis also interviewed me about a whole lot of Katrina-related stuff, and I read this interview and thought it was done very well.  Anytime I get to use one of my favorite metaphors — Wile E. Coyote and his Acme rocket backpack — and this makes it into the interview, it makes me happy.  A preview of the interview is here, but the article itself is available only on the paid Lexis database. As you may know, I believe one problem with legal commentary is it is generally boring, with an off-putting pretentiousness, so I bring a different approach.    

As I’ve mentioned, I’m on the advisory board for the ILC, so I’m not disinterested in its success. But as I have a lot of places where I could choose to spend my time, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t believe in the product and the people behind it.  Good people, people who get Web 2.0. Without good people — people of imagination and creativity, risk-takers — you can’t have good product.  


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    Couldn’t work in a plug for ABBA? Hey, have you seen the articles about the New
    FEMA? They are congratulating themselves that only 38,000 Katrina families remain in travel trailers and mobile homes.