March 22 Grab Bag

Some unfinished blog business:

— A couple days I posted further about the Florida insurance mess.  Before I did, I wish I had seen this post at another site, by Prof. Seth Chandler of the University of Houston Law Center.  He makes some good points that, frankly, when I wrote my post late at night, I was too tired to get into.  This is some very clear thinking on the part of Prof. Chandler. It would have been a good link with my post, but better late than never. 

— Thanks to Ted Frank of PointofLaw for the kind words recently.  Ted is an outstanding legal mind, scholar and blogger, so those words mean a lot. Thanks also to Martin Grace at RiskProfMike the Actuary and Steve Rosenberg for recent links. 

— Remember the contempt hearing for attorney Dickie Scruggs and the Rigsby sisters? The hearing got moved a second time, from March 21 to March 19 and 20, and so far the results aren’t in.  I checked the electronic docket in the case yesterday, and saw Judge Acker had ruled in a minute order that criminal contempt would not be pursued, and that he would consider only civil contempt.  He apparently is taking the matter under advisement after the hearing, which, from what I can divine from this story, looks like it was a pretty intense affair.

— George Dale, insurance commissioner of Mississippi, a Democrat, is being kept off the primary ballot by his party because he backed George Bush over John Kerry in 2004.  He vows to fight.  I suspect some influential and monied elements, perhaps like Dickie Scruggs, may have had a hand in this, and that it might have as much to do with Katrina cases as it does with George Bush.  


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