Mandatory Health Insurance In California, Maryland

I trust everyone had a great New Year and a good start to your 2007.  I don’t usually write about health insurance, both because it’s more an issue of policy than one of litigation, and because many aspects of health insurance are not really insurance, but I’ve been thinking about it because I’ve had a respiratory ailment for most of the last week that kept me in bed, where I had a lot of time to think, when I was able to.  Here are two pretty good perspectives on mandatory insurance in California, which Arnold is going to push in his State of the State address, and in Maryland.  Basically, the fears are two-fold: that individuals who don’t think they need or can’t afford coverage will dodge mandates, and that insurance companies will run roughshod over folks, refusing to insure many higher risk people at any price.  Other than that, there are no problems.



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  1. Scott Jonsson

    I recall the State of Oregon has just mandated equal care for mental illness as for the typical care for physicial injury >Thoughts ?

  2. I worry about mandates like this not because this one is so bad — although it will be expensive — but because increased regulation of coverage seldom produces the effect legislators want. Instead, you wind up with a some nightmare list of mandates that make health insurance even more unaffordable by throwing everyone into the same pool.