Lott fulminates against insurance companies

Here’s a story with Trent Lott sounding like a resurrected Huey Long, saying he’s ready to take on State Farm and the whole insurance industry.  Here’s an excerpt:

"We’re not looking for war," he said. "We’re looking for peace and a solution. But sometimes, to get a good result, you have to be prepared to take on the fight and take some of the flak that comes with it. In Washington, if you take on the insurance industry, you better bring your lunch. I’ve got mine."

He defends himself against charges he was a late convert to the great insurance war — it apparently didn’t register that insurance companies were true evil until one of his three houses was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, he accepted a flood payment on it, and became involved in a legal battle with State Farm. 

"I got a ruling from the Senate counsel that, in fact, there’s a long history of great quotes about how it’s very fortuitous sometimes when your interests coincide with those of your constituency."

He got a ruling that there is a history of great quotes? That must have been one tough, intensive ethics analysis.

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