Let’s Go Blue!

UPDATE:  Well, I was totally right.  I just missed two things in my prediction: the score and the team that won.  Rematch in January, anyone?

As everyone surely knows by now, this Saturday Michigan plays Ohio State in Columbus.  The winner will be ranked number 1 in the nation, with a clear path to the national championship.  One of my colleagues believes it is "lame" for me to follow the football team of the place where I went to law school, rather than the team of my undergraduate college.  (This is a person, obviously, who did not go to Michigan and has never sat in the student section at Michigan Stadium).  I am proud of my undergraduate school, Minot State University, but it just so happens it’s pretty hard to get worked up over who is going to win the Dakota Athletic Conference in NAIA football this year.   Actually, I suspect this person may harbor some Buckeye sympathies, and may in fact be an Ohio State fellow traveler.  Or this person may be a mere provincial who lacks understanding that Michigan-Ohio State is the greatest rivalry in North American sports, and that Michigan has dominated this rivalry. 

In any event, I’m calling it right here and now.  Despite 100,000 Buckeye fans screaming to hang the helmets (Michigan Stadium, by the way, holds more and is the biggest football stadium in the country), here’s the score: Michigan 23, Ohio State 17.  But no matter who wins, both sides should remember one very important fact: Michigan, not Ohio State, is among the world’s top universities academically.    

Oh, I almost forgot — one final thing.  Go Blue.



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