Legal Blogs As Judicial Resources

When I started blogging, one thing I told myself I wouldn’t write about is blogging, because I have always found posts about a particular blogger’s process to be boring.  Stuff touting the value of blogs in general also leaves me somewhat cold and strikes me as blogger triumphalism.  Nevertheless, I really liked this piece on by Howard Bashman about how judges could use the resources of legal blogs in decision-making.  I find some of the best commentary and analysis on insurance issues coming from blogs, and I trust bloggers like Marc Mayerson, Martin Grace and Steve Rosenberg to have a good, insightful take on significant issues.   What these guys do is as good or better than anything else out there from any source in any medium.  Hat tip: Kevin O’Keefe.


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  1. Logrolling 101

    David Rossmiller, one of the pioneers, along with Marc Mayerson, of insurance coverage blogging, has kind words to say about the Boston ERISA and Insurance Litigation Blog here and again here. I can, in turn, commend David

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words and the link to RiskProf.