Katrina roundup

I hate using the word "roundup" because I’m never sure if there is supposed to be a hyphen in it or not.  At some time in the past when I was a journalist, the rules on such things as hyphenation were entirely clear to me, but at some point this knowledge became lost to me, like a former basketball player who picks up a ball and rises up to dunk, only to find he can barely touch the net.  As a casual observer, it appears to me that the world has lost faith in the hyphen and it is on its way out entirely.  Shamefully, I couldn’t really tell you when to use a hyphen or not, and I just fake it as best I can by feeling my way along.   

  • Here is a story by Anita Lee of the Sun Herald about a new Katrina lawsuit filed against State Farm by Judy Dutruch, a woman who is in something called the Slingshot Gang.  Last year, NPR did a story on the Slingshot Group, so-called because of the David-and-Goliath implications of taking on insurance companies. I’m not sure if the Slingshot Group and the Slingshot Gang are the same thing, if one is a splinter group of the other, or if there is a Sharks vs. Jets type of situation going on here.  Dutruch, who advocated in vain for Judge Senter to certify a class action against State Farm earlier this year, says she has given up trying to resolve issues with State Farm outside the courtroom.  Here is a pdf of the complaint.  Incidentally, the policyholders’ attorneys are the Merlin Law Group, which has a fine blog on Katrina and other insurance issues.
  • Here is another Anita Lee item on numbers from Insurance Commissioner Dale’s review of Nationwide’s claims handling practices.  Next up for Dale is State Farm. 
  • Here is a good story by John O’Brien of Legal Newsline about Mississippi Attorney General Hood’s use of outside counsel, in matters including Katrina-related work, who are campaign contributors. 

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