Katrina Coverage Litigation Developments

Two things:

  • It’s old news now, but I refuse to discriminate against news based on age.  Judge Senter’s official opinion in the Broussard v. State Farm case is finally up on the court’s Katrina case website.  The opinion appears to me to be the same as the rough draft that I blogged about last week.  
  • The fireworks may not be over, folks.  Don’t forget that the Broussard case was just one of six test cases set for trial to serve as benchmarks for the hundreds of remaining Katrina cases.  On January 22, the next case is scheduled for trial: Richard Tejedor v. State Farm.    I wrote about preliminary rulings in that case here.  This is another case in which the policyholder’s home was reduced to a slab, but it differs from the Broussard case in that Tejedor apparently has already accepted $200,000 from State Farm.  At summary judgment, State Farm was successful in eliminating some claims, but a punitive damages claim remains. 

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