Katrina article in Bloomberg Law Reports

Here’s a copy of something I wrote on Katrina litigation in the Fifth Circuit that ran as the featured article in the February 11 Bloomberg Law Reports — Insurance Law.  I won’t bore you with the terms of the copyright for this article, but it doesn’t vest in me for a period of time, so I appreciate Bloomberg giving me permission to link to a copy of the article immediately.  A very pleasant bunch of people to work with.  Also, don’t forget I have a much, much longer article on Katrina Fifth Circuit jurisprudence coming out in April in New Appleman on Insurance: Critical Issues. 



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  1. Injustice 4 all

    Very good article BTW. You forgot one point. Despite what Jusge Jones may think she is not final arbiteaur of state law, the Mississippi supreme court is and of the burden of proof as provided by Mississippi law. She can only make a Klaxon guess. We already have conceded this case, and will have her ruling reversed, Hopefully, by Mississippi Supreme Court in a case alreday on its way.
    She can send cases to Northern District, and Charlie will win more cases, and Senter will retire. I assure you will now have info and will move to recuse her next time around. Stay tuned Snake Farm has big problems if Democrats win in November. Will fill you if they win. Scruggs like figures will not be involved this time to save their ass.
    Weakness of their case is really their experts BTW, they are horrible but trying to say katina was a tropical storm doesnt attract good people.