Judge Beer withdraws show cause order in Branch Consultants case

Yesterday I said it wouldn’t take long to find out what Judge Beer was going to do about the show cause order protested by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and it didn’t.  Later that day, the judge withdrew his show cause order. Here is a story on developments from Mike Kunzelman of the Associated Press.  Here’s an excerpt:

On Monday, however, Beer reconsidered and agreed to withdraw his earlier ruling. In a one-page order, Beer said he now believes [U.S. Attorney David] Dugas’ office has "shown cause for its current position in this litigation."

In an interview, the judge said he would prefer that the U.S. Attorney’s office participates in the case so that he isn’t "stuck with being the watchdog" for taxpayers’ interests.

"But I can understand their position," Beer added.

Here is a pdf of the judge’s order. 

The AP story says Judge Beer gave an interview about the case.  Dang, I was a reporter on a metro daily for eight years and I interviewed Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Beatles fame once each, but I never got a federal judge to comment on a current case.  (All three, I must admit, were long past their hey day at the time I caught them, although on second thought, every day of Kissinger’s adult life has probably been his hey day).  Incidentally, I talked with the Maharishi by phone from the Netherlands after he placed an unusual ad in the paper offering to come to Phoenix with a bunch of followers — for a generous sum of course — and set up a kind of force field with chants and meditation to help the city with its crime and street gang problems: I think the story I wrote referred to the idea as Om-boys vs. Homeboys.   Strangely, the offer didn’t catch any traction with the City Council.

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