Insurer Withdraws Sisters’ Policies For Virgin Birth

Truth is both stranger and stupider than fiction.  According to the BBC, a British insurer has dropped the policies, annually renewed since 2000, taken out by three sisters in Scotland meant to pay for the cost of bringing up Christ if one of them had a virgin birth.  In return for a yearly premium of £100 (all apparently donated to charity by the insurer), the policies theoretically would pay £1million upon proof of the divinity of the child.  I could say more about this but I really wouldn’t be saying anything you’re not thinking yourself.  The policies were withdrawn after complaints from the Catholic Church.  There is a goodly amount of discussion of this story in English blogs, about which I have one comment: you would think a Catholic priest would know the difference between the Virgin Birth and the Immaculate Conception. (Keep scrolling until you get to the entries for June 22).

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