Insight Into The Mind Of A Doctor Sued For Malpractice

I was reading a very good series of posts by a general surgeon who was sued for malpractice and ended up settling the case.   Here are the three parts: one, two and three.  (Never mind the somewhat strange title and graphics on the posts, and the fact that some of the doc’s other posts have a focus on bodily functions that may be natural to a doctor’s blog but that is fortunately outside the norm for legal blogging).  If you have time only for a quick scan, I think the third one is the best, but the whole series was instructive to me about the psychology of a lawsuit and a defendant’s state of mind, and I felt this account was very honest and credible.  I like to read perspectives like this, because it helps me to remember that litigation, no matter how abstract the legal principle, is in essence a people business, and that there are obligations of conduct not only to my own clients but also to adversaries and other parties.

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  1. Thanks for noticing; I’m glad you found the series of interest. Can’t disagree that the blog in general would be a matter of taste for those wandering in through the back door.
    By the way, I have deep ties to Portland, having been born and raised there. My aunt was on the city council for years there; my dad was pro-tem for a year on the Oregon Supreme Court, and was the first Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals when it was created and for several years thereafter. My brother’s a lawyer in the Bay Area. I’m the black sheep, having chosen medicine.