Inhibited appetites for risk

I thought this paragraph from a company press release touting its accuracy in property risk modeling was somewhat understated.  I have taken the liberty of bolding the parts I’m talking about and fixing one typo my spellcheck found in the release: 

Homeowners are struggling to find insurance coverage in hurricane-prone coastal areas. Coastal population density is increasing, but several critical factors are causing insurance carriers to abandon Gulf and Northeast coastal property markets. The assumption by reinsurers of stronger and more frequent hurricanes from global climate change and troubling court decisions regarding storm-surge damage in the wake of Hurricane Katrina caught insurers off guard, who had always relied on flood exclusions in their policies to limit hurricane damage exposure. Already financially burdened from the 2005 hurricane season, carriers found these trends further inhibited their appetite for risk in those regions.

"Inhibited their appetite for risk in those regions."  I’ve not quite heard it put that way before.  I guess it’s kind of like when a large dog ran barking into my front yard the other day — it inhibited my cat’s appetite for sticking around. 

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