Hood wins re-election, to testify today in lawsuit against him

Jim Hood won re-election as Mississippi Attorney General last night, but he had little time to celebrate, as a federal magistrate judge required him to testify today in a hearing on State Farm’s motion to extend its injunction against his continued criminal investigation of the insurer.  Here’s the story on the hearing.


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4 Responses to Hood wins re-election, to testify today in lawsuit against him

  1. Raddude

    Interesting side note: last night during AG Hood’s speech he mentioned how he was looking forward to 4 more years of fighting abuse of children and nursing home abuses….not a PEEP about insurance.

  2. cato

    Another side note: Hood got more votes than any other statewide candidate including Gov. Haley Barbour.

  3. Raddude

    Cato, it doesnt matter how many votes you get if you trade your honor as a man to get them…. We’ll see if “Almost Governor” AG Hood talks his way out of an indictment. His buddy Dickie is already distancing himself per his comments today (Scruggs said, “I was trying to get Hood to settle with State Farm, not indict them.” – Sun Herald) Dickie is probably already working on his next plea bargain for turning state’s evidence on Hood like he did his other “buddies” Paul Minor, et al.

  4. Cato, actually Tate Reeves, state treasurer, got more votes than Hood.