Hood spokesman says challenger needs to cowboy up

Look for Mississippi AG Jim Hood to strap on a gun belt, wear a 10-gallon hat, and ride into his next press conference on a steer while saying "that ain’t no bull,"  after his campaign spokesman called out Hood’s challenger this way:

"There’s an old saying that applies to make-believe cowboys who dress and talk the part, pretending to be what they aren’t. Alben Hopkins is ‘all hat, no cattle.’"

Read this great story by John O’Brien of Legal Newsline for more details.  Just as a point of future reference for the spokesman, however, I would like to point out that the correct phrasing is "pretending to be what they ain’t."  I like how the candidates in the Mississippi AG race aren’t fooling around, pretending to respect each other, and how they realize that negative campaigning is what we all really want to see, no matter what we say.  The campaign isn’t quite up to Citizen Kane levels yet ("Gettys! I’m going to send you to Sing Sing! Sing Sing, Gettys! Sing Sing!"; "Candidate Kane found in love nest with quote, singer, unquote") but give it some time. 

For his part, Hopkins has been pointing out Hood’s fondness for campaign contributions from folks who, as luck would have it, happen to get state contracts.  In a hilarious satire of a dumb explanation of this phenomenon, Hood said as follows, according to the story:

Hood has said state contracts are given on a "first-come-first-serve basis."

"It’s kind of like intellectual property. They’re bringing you an idea," Hood said. "And we give it to whomever it is, and if they’ve got the ability to handle it and the wherewithal to handle it and the money to back it, they’ve got the case."

That’s pretty funny, he got us real good with that one.  That’s the key to a good joke — why, just imagine if he had been serious!  I’ve said it before, Hood has real comedic talent — he’s the best straight man since maybe Bud Abbott, or at least Bob Newhart. 


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  1. GM

    Even if Hopkins isn’t a cowboy, it looks like he is trying to be a Dallas Cowboy. Hopkins’ logo is a rip-off. Doh!
    Read about it here: