Hood denies improprieties in State Farm investigations

You can read it for yourself in this excellent Associated Press story by Holbrook Mohr.  

Looks like Jim Hood, Dickie Scruggs and Mike Moore are circling the wagons.  An excerpt from the story: 

"I think Lee is confused and obviously bitter," Scruggs said in a telephone interview. Hood and Scruggs have been closely aligned since Hurricane Katrina. Scruggs gave the state attorney general’s office information about insurers’ practices in reviewing claims.

When U.S. District Judge William Acker in Alabama ruled in June that Scruggs violated a court order for providing Hood with documents taken from a State Farm-affiliated engineering company, Hood came to Scruggs’ defense.

Hood wrote a letter July 16 to U.S. Attorney Alice Martin in Alabama, asking her not to pursue charges. Hood said Scruggs "has functioned as a confidential informant for our investigations," according to a copy of a letter in court records.

Harrell’s deposition and State Farm also claim former Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore has worked with both Hood’s grand jury investigation and the Scruggs Katrina Group.

Hood said Moore "did not participate in the grand jury proceedings and was never given access to any information or documents obtained by the grand jury. He did, however, provide me with information and complaints from policyholders and offered advice concerning the criminal investigation."


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  1. MS Smitty

    Typical obfuscation by some of Mississippi’s finest who somehow believe that our state government exists, in large part, to provide the mechanisms necessary to increase their own net wealth all ostensibly under the guise of protecting Mississippi’s little guy.
    This Mississippian hopes they all go down including Trent Lott if he had any role whatsoever in trying to set up this aborted shakedown.