Homeowners’ Insurance Covers Parents For Basketball Incident

Here is a very strange story on multiple levels, about an unfortunate kid who was partially paralyzed when he dunked the ball in the closing minutes of a game and celebrating fans tackled him.  A considerable portion of the $3.5 million settlement comes from the homeowners’ insurance of parents whose kids were involved in the melee.  I’ve blogged recently about how the intentional act of one insured, a child for example, does not preclude coverage for the vicarious liability of a parent.  So I can see the duty to defend arising there, but without knowing more about how the parents could have been responsible, it’s hard to figure out the duty to indemnify on this one.

On another note, posts will be light today due to work demands (advice to prospective law students: being a lawyer may interfere with your blogging, don’t say I didn’t warn you). 

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