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Hey, at least it’s an Ethos: This story reminded me of the classic comedy The Big Lebowski, where Walter Sobchak contrasts nihilism with Naziism: "I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos."  An "insurance" company called Ethos, according to the story, apparently sold dirt cheap auto insurance policies with just one significant  drawback: the policies were bogus. The whole thing was fake, and the people who bought the policies were completely uninsured — which is what they call "self-insurance." Makes me wonder if among the scammers was a Big Lebowski fan and there was some irony in the name Ethos — "say what you want about a company that defrauds you, at least fraud is an ethos."    

Vancouver hockey riot: does insurance cover damage from looting and rioting? The Vancouver riot, like many of these things, was carried out by "anarchists." Walter Sobchak would have no respect for these people, they are just barely above nihilists as far as having an ethos. As Little Bill Daggett said in The Unforgiven, they don’t have any character, not even bad character. Plus, their anarchism is fake anarchism. As has been pointed out by others, if there was an actual state of anarchy, so-called anarchists who wear masks, mob up and destroy property would be machine-gunned or sold into slavery by the private security firms that would rule the streets.   

More on Vancouver hockey riot: anarchist looters to be sued. They would be getting off easy. Being sued is still better than being machine-gunned or sold into slavery during a state of actual anarchy, which is what the anarchists want.

Montana — home births rise, covered by insurance.  This story says they have both insurance and a midwife. I was born at home in North Dakota, delivered by my father (my mother also played a large role), no doctor, no midwife, no insurance. So was one of my sisters. People are so extravagant these days. Midwives and insurance are for wimps.  





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