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Only a small percentage of people who use the internet use feedreaders, I realize, but for those who do, I’ve made a change in the RSS feed for Insurance Coverage Blog.  From now on, all posts will appear as full text in your feedreader, rather than as excerpts. RSS, of course, means Really Simple Syndication, and it is a way to get feeds from multiple sources coming to your feedreader without taking the time to go to a bunch of web addresses to check to see if there is new content.  Full text means you don’t have to click to my blog to read the full post.  A small change and perhaps more in the category of keeping up with the virtual Joneses than one of substance, but full text RSS is the new wave in blogging and I’m riding it.   If you care at all about this issue, read more about it from the St. Paul of Blogging himself. If you don’t care, which is more likely, don’t worry, I’m done talking about it.


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3 Responses to Full text RSS

  1. Thanks for this. I use Google Reader to read your blog, and this is big help.

  2. I’m glad it is a help to you.

  3. Joe Bingham

    Thank you! You are now everyone’s hero.
    To be my hero even more, post updates on what my governor’s doing to my state… I haven’t had time to keep up.
    That’s Crist in Florida.