Florida insurance developments

I see from this story about the final days of the Florida legislative session that Gov. Charlie Crist is still riding his populist rhetoric:

“I hear some groans from insurance lobbyists,” Crist told a cheering crowd at a post-session speech. “Tough! This is what’s right. We work for the people.”

The Legislature did not renew the state’s no-fault insurance law, which is set to expire in October.  Lawmakers approved a continued freeze in rates for the state-run insurer, Citizens Property, along with changes that make it easier for people to jump to Citizens, which now has 1.3 million policyholders.  Here’s another story on the end of the Legislative session, from Jerry Stockfisch of the Tampa Tribune, who was one of my editors back in the day at the Phoenix Gazette.   

On a related note, I also saw this post from the insurance blog of the Palm Beach Post about Crist’s fellow cabinet officer, Alex Sink, the state’s chief financial officer, saying the state and property insurers need to work together to repair their relationship.  To which Charlie Crist might add: "Tough! I don’t have any time to work with insurers, I’m too busy working for the people."


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  1. Tough! I’m too busy appearing decisive and iron-willed to actually do any work! Seriously, does this remind you of the movie Gladiator? Commodus sits in the senate and talks about how he “embraces” the people of Rome … without actually doing anything to contain the plague.

  2. Joe Bingham

    Sad story: I heard my letter to the WSJ was published, but can’t afford the online subscription to read their edit of it.
    Heading to the library first thing tomorrow!