DQ time: disqualification of Katrina(less) Litigation Group spreads, Rigsbys also receive skunk eye from judge

Another judge in the Southern District of Mississippi has cited Judge Senter’s recent decision to disqualify the KLG in his case. Here’s the opinion. The Rigsby sisters are also barred as witnesses, and all purloined documents excluded unless it can be shown they were obtained through normal discovery.  

NOTE: Originally I had written the judge was in Illinois, I’m not sure why I wrote that, I was in a hurry and somehow got that idea.  Then I looked back at the name and of course recognized Sul Ozerden as the judge who got the job that Bobby DeLaughter wanted — allegedly Trent Lott called DeLaughter to talk to him about the job during the course of the Wilson v. Scruggs attorney fee litigation.  



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8 Responses to DQ time: disqualification of Katrina(less) Litigation Group spreads, Rigsbys also receive skunk eye from judge

  1. BobbyJ

    Are the disquallified members of KLG now subject to disciplinary action in other federal courts where they practice because they have been adjudicated guilty of ethical violations in McIntosh and Kreeger?

  2. Retired Claim Rep

    In a recent search on Yahoo I found some interesting sites of law firms soliciting buisness from KLG clients. Part of their pitch to the former customers is sueing the KLG for malpractice. No honor amoung theives.

  3. ThirdSouth

    Sooner or later, the Rigsbys are bound to retain truly competent and independent counsel — attorneys paid for by them, and loyal only to them. If so, can there be any doubt that they will soon become plaintiffs in a civil action against those who led them to believe they could engage in serious misconduct without having to bear, as a result, serious professional and economical consequences? These girls may end up looking like pit bulls turning against abusive owners — indeed, they may make Balducci, Patterson and Langston look like milk-fed puppies.

  4. David Rossmiller

    Bobby J, I wouldn’t expect anything other than DQ to fall their way unless specific bar complaints are made, and then we’d have to see what happens.
    ThirdSouth, I predict that the Rigsbys will one day tell all, it may be years off before that happens, it may be soon, I don’t know, but it will happen.

  5. JacksonAtty

    Actually, the Ozerden position may or may not be the one Bobby D wanted. There was an open position on the court in the Jackson division that was created when Judge Barbour took senior status. Ozerden filled a position on the Coast created by Judge Bramlette taking senior status. The Jackson position is still open but seems that it will not be filled until after the next president has taken office. I have not seen it clarified anywhere yet which position Lott was calling him about, the one in Jackson or the one on the Coast? I was thinking he would want the judgeship in Jackson.

  6. Scruggs Nation Detox

    Perhaps Rigsbys will pen a tell-all someday. “The Scruggs Years: From the Trailer to the Bighouse” or “Our Own Private Katrina.” But I’d be surprised if the far more intriguing Scruggs-PL Blake connection is ever clarified.

  7. brewski

    I know the Rigsby sisters and thier mother. they are quality people who thought they were doing the right thing. They unfortunately got involved in something that they could not have envisioned going in this direction.In the end the simple life they once enjoyed we be no more.They will be destroyed by the pack of legal wolves now chasing them.All of this thanks to the greed of Scruggs who cared about know one except himself getting another plane or larger yacht.Sad but true.

  8. tsetse

    scruggs – the gift that keeps on giving. wonder how many malpractice suits have been, or will be, filed? i’d say “all for a few million,” but, since it’s starting to appear this has been the scruggs’ m.o. for decades, it really doesn’t matter what it took for him to get caught.