Does this make any sense to you?

In Australia, an auto insurer is offering what it calls carbon neutral car insurance.  Here’s an excerpt from the story in the Border Mail:

Policyholders have a cost added to their premium based on the amount of carbon their vehicle emits each year.

In Australia, the price of the carbon will be worked out by sustainability management firm, Greening Australia.

For every kilogram of carbon produced, policyholders will pay for a kilogram of carbon to be saved by a “climate-friendly” project somewhere else in the world identified by Greening Australia.

The amount of carbon each policyholder emits will be based on the type of car they drive right down to the year, make and model, and the number of kilometres they clock up in a year.

So instead of driving less or inconveniencing yourself in any way, you can pay extra money to your insurance company for vague and ambiguous assurances that "somewhere else in the world" your money will pay for something that is vaguely and ambiguously described as "climate-friendly."  Doesn’t even say what kind of climate it’s friendly to.  You know, those Nigerians that keep sending me e-mails about helping them get that multi-billion-dollar fortune out the country might want to think about this kind of offer — send them some money, and they will perform climate-friendly acts in some other part of the world without bothering you in the slightest.  They ought to wake up and realize guilt is an even easier way to divide folks from their money than greed.

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  1. JKB

    I suppose if your car catches on fire, they pay the claim to Greening Australia to cover all the carbon emitted?