Coverage College

If you long to return to that college setting you remember so fondly, the White and Williams firm, in Philadelphia, will be holding a Coverage College at the University of Pennsylvania on September 19.  The subject of the discussions will be claims handling, as the attached brochure shows.

Best features of the Coverage College:

  • Includes discussions led by Randy Maniloff, my good friend and one heck of a coverage lawyer and insurance writer.
  • No tuition — totally free of charge. You will emerge from this program no further in debt than you already are!
  • No need to hit up Mom and Dad for spending money.
  • No pants worn at thigh level; ball caps may not point backwards or to the side, bills must face the front.  
  • No SATs.
  • A very comprehensive-looking one-day program.
  • Easy curve in grading. 
  • I have been assured there will be no freshman hazing this year.
  • No worries about how you are going to support yourself when you get out of school — you already have a job!

I’m informed that space is limited, and those who wish to attend should sign up soon, or as they used to say on ESPN’s Sports Center: those who are late will not get fruit cup.


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