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I see a lot of websites and a lot of internet gimmicks, so I’m not easily impressed, but I love this site:  It’s got a clean design, it’s easy to use, and by clicking on Blawg Directory, I found some great law-related blogs I hadn’t heard of before, like this one that I will read closely

At first, I was not a big fan of the word "blawg," which some people use to describe law blogs.  It sounded a little pretentious, which is anathema to NoDaks and NoDaks-in-exile like myself, whose devotion to egalitarianism is so strong as to verge on the snobbish and elitist.  I also felt it obscured the fact that legal blogging is the same as any other kind of writing: the author has to be helpful, creative, entertaining and original, or what he writes isn’t worth your time.  I also admit that the very look of the word "blawg" gave me the willies: it had a sort of redneck appearance to it, and a kind of adolescent "Kilroy Wuz Heer" quality to its unorthodoxy.  However, over time "blawg"  bugs me less and less.  I’m still not going to use the word, but to each his own.

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