Case over in State Farm v. Hood

This just in.  The judge has ruled that the January 2007 agreement between Hood and State Farm is not tied to other contingencies like the disapproved class action settlement, is enforceable and is unambiguous.  The parties have reached a settlement which is confidential. The federal court retains jurisdiction to enforce the settlement, the lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice.

UPDATE: forgot to include a copy of the judge’s order. Here it is.


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6 Responses to Case over in State Farm v. Hood

  1. More Insurance?

    Bill creates insurance oversight
    Plan audits firms in flood program

  2. Doug

    So what would be so important to make this settlement confidential? It looks like everyone had to pay their own fees.

  3. confounded

    is the media in this State going to stand for our attorney general entering into a sealed deal? hey jim, we are your clients, remember us? the people? what did you agree to?

  4. flash

    David, in your opinion, what effect, if any, will this settlement and the deposition of trickydickie and Hoods testimony have on the other lawsuits involving Scruggs and even the Renfroe suit?

  5. Wolf

    How can a settlement agreement with the state AG’s office be confidential? Mississippi has a Freedom of Information Act. Why would this settlement be exempt?

  6. Jim Hood deposed

    PoL contributor David Rossmiller has a series of posts summarizing yesterday’s dramatic developments in the Scruggs-related dispute between the Mississippi attorney general and State Farm, which culminated in a confidential settlement (is that somethin…