Blogging Schedule, July 10

I’ve had inquiries about whether I’m on strike, deceased, joined the Peace Corps, kidnapped by aliens, etc.  It’s just an incredibly busy time for me now, I’ll post when I can, but it will probably remain this busy for another week at least.  As I’ve said, work is the curse of the blogging class.  Bear with me, and I’ll be back when I can, and if I can find sneak in some blogging time in the next week, I will do so.   


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  1. Oaege

    Sucks having a day job,huh? But things COULD be worse ….. just ask Dickie! (Any truth to the rumor you are asking him to guest-write some of the non-musical dialogue for THE KATRINA FOLLIES??) 🙂

  2. A Fan

    “on strike, deceased, joined the Peace Corps, kidnapped by aliens”… hilarious! Thanks for letting us know. We just got to have our Rossmiller fix!


    We all know your time is occupied with keeping Tim Balducci in the witness protection program. Tim has been spotted in Portland playing at the lake with his kids, throwing a ball to his dog, and lamenting the loss of the nearby supersonics. I heard he was wearing a football jersey with bright colors/designs the other day. Tim is looking forward to the ABBA movie on July 18.
    Also heard he had called Judge Biggers and asked to talk to him in chambers.

  4. Born Far Too Late

    I heard Balducci was wearing bright colors alright, the orange ones you see highway workers wearing…


    David, will you be at the National Press Club on Tuesday night to watch Rebecca Mowbray receive the 2008 Excellence in Economic Reporting for her reporting of insurance issues? Newsweek’s Rich Thomas said “Rebecca caught the private insurance industry red-handed. She and the Times-Picayune prove that insurers unfairly dumped tens of millions of dollars of their own wind and rain damage losses in the Katrina hurricane onto a gullible government.”
    Earlier this year, Mowbray received an award from the Society of American Business Editors for her articles on the insurance companies overbilling the NFIP.

  6. Backstrom gets his Arkansas prison.
    Aug 4 / 2.00 pm

  7. ThirdSouth

    OK, David, what do we have to do to get you back? That crow swooping down for the thread was vintage you. Superb. Is it praise we’ve been neglecting? If so, Hey-sannah, Hosannah! Tell me you haven’t been associated by the Trailer Lawyers in some big new case, and are planning to simply disappear, P L Blake style, rather than explain the conflict.

  8. xerac

    More Cowbell, if the insurance companies were caught red-handed has there been any pursuit of this at any level? States can prosecute because that would mean Insurance Companies did not follow state regulations.
    Also, Rebecca Mowbray is hardly objectgive in her reporting. She gives credence to unproven conspiracy theories.

  9. casey

    choosing insurance…
    check it out, it’s actually a funny video

  10. Mississippian

    We’re still coming back to your blog and checking!